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How to Take Care of Your Home’s Electric Gates

10/28/2013 Back To Blog

More and more homes today are choosing to install electric or automatic gates because they provide more convenience and safety. Electronic parking garage gates (regardless of the brand) require constant maintenance and upkeep. By doing regular electric gate repair, you will be able to ensure that it remains in tiptop shape; thus you will avoid costly repairs or equipment replacements. Here are a number of helpful ideas on how to properly maintain and keep it in excellent condition.

What Are The Top Electronic Gates Today?

There are many types of electronic or automatic gate variants available today. Among these include underground, articulated and sliding types. Articulated electronic types are often used for those that have wider posts, which allow for easy opening in smaller areas. These variants often utilize crank arm operators and can be installed by DIY installers, because they are less complicated and thus simpler to install.

Underground electronic residential gate openers have jacks, which control it by directly moving the pivot point of each leaf for up to 180 degrees. The problem with underground electronic gate remote openers is that if the areas experience flooding, then water immersion will lead to the malfunction of the automatic systems and machines.

Sliding electronic types are best for homes that have limited space or if the driveway behind has an exceptionally steep incline. Sliding gates are also hugely popular in commercial establishments.

How to Fix Electronic Sliding Gates

To properly do gate hinge repair:

• First you will need to locate or find the gates' hinges. For example, if it has a swing-type assembly, the hinges could probably be attached permanently to the wall or post.

• Next, grease the hinges (using the manufacturer-approved grease) by coating the moving mechanisms, and try opening or closing them a few times, so that the grease will blend with the moving parts. If needed, you could drop some oil on the hinge’s top, so it can flow or drip into the assembly.

• Next, find or locate the chain drive on the gate’s system, by checking the product or manufacturer’s manual and then place oil on the chains, as well as shower silicon spray on the hinges or single-arm gates (to prevent these from freezing during cold weather).

And according to gates experts in Chatsworth, it would also be helpful if you place moth balls into the control box or panels so that it will effectively deter pests and insects from nesting or chewing on the system’s wires.

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