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Gate Repair Chatsworth
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Gate Service

We offer gate service at its best and our job is not completed until our customer is satisfied with the results.

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Residential Gate

There is no doubt that having a brand new gate installed at your home will enhance the curb appeal immediately.

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Gate Remote

We will also be able to help you out if you find that you are not able to determine which remote variety to choose.

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Gate Repair Chatsworth

If you are looking for reliable gate repair services that take care of installation, maintenance and repairs of all kinds of gates, our company has what you are looking for. We offer same day services and work with the best brands in California.

Address: Owensmouth Ave
Chatsworth, California
Zip code: 91311

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
From sliding and swinging gates to unique wrought iron and wooden gates, you can always count on our gate repair company for the perfect solutions. We offer professional installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services.

Local Residential Gate Repair, Maintenance & Replacement Services


The best Gate Repair in Chatsworth is our driveway gate company and we can justify that with our emergency gate repair service 24/7.  No one is as dedicated to providing the driveway gate service that our driveway gate contractor can deliver.  We are known for the quality and variety we can provide at prices our customers can afford.  Our Chatsworth Gate Repair company will provide custom made gates and wrought iron fences that can be designed specifically by you.

Gate Repair Chatsworth

When it comes to gates, we are the gate company that should top your list, since possess a wide range of high quality gates from the best brands and a professional team ready to address all your concerns. They implement gate installation with great efficiency and at very reasonable rates. Once your gates are installed, consider us for professional gate maintenance to keep your gates in tip-top shape always. If you have an old gate that is giving problems, we have the expertise to make your rickety gate look and function like new again. In addition, don’t service a few gate brands but are well-trained to handle any concerns with just about any gate brand on the market.Gate Repair Chatsworth,CA

Phone Entry Systems-Intercom

They just don't make phone entry systems-Intercom service like ours anymore.  Our old fashioned service allows us to provide options like these:

  • residential & commercial residential entry systems
  • keypads telephone entry systems
  • phone gate systems

Our uniqueness is found in our residential & commercial entry systems and our Elite, DoorKing, and Linear programming service is the best in the business.

Gate Company-Contractor

A good gate company-Contractor will make sure that their customers can get any kind of driveway gate service they need.  We are proud to say that we are a licensed, bonded and insured driveway gate contractor.  We will put our professional service gate service up against any other driveway gate company-Contractor in Chatsworth. In addition, our gate maintenance is as good as it gets.

Gate Repair & Install

Our contractor specialized in residential and commercial gate repair services in Chatsworth will immediately do all the install and repair services, regardless of your type of gate opener and devices used and requested by our customers.
Some of the options our team can provide is:

  • safety gate sensor repair install
  • spring replacements
  • gate wheels repair
  • residential & commercial broken gate spring repair
  • broken hinge repair
  • hinges welding
  • gate track repair
  • broken gate repairs
  • new installations
  • exit loop installation and repair

Our company offers one of the best services of this kind in Chatsworth and we continue improving.

Custom Made Gates

Our driveway gate contractor is happy to provide custom made gates for our residential & commercial customers in Chatsworth.  Our pros can provide these gates and more:

  • overhead gates
  • sliding gates
  • walk through gates
  • wrought iron gates
  • swing gates
  • parking garage gates
  • electric gates
  • barrier arm gate
  • iron gates custom made automatic driveway gates

We provide the best custom made gates at the best prices in the community.

Wrought Iron Fences

You might not know it but custom made iron fences are growing in popularity by the day.  They add class and a sense of security to any property.  Some of the wrought iron fences we can offer are:

  • house fences
  • pool fence
  • commercial fence
  • residential wrought iron fence
  • block pillars for fence
  • fence installation
  • ornamental work
  • fence repair
  • picket fence
  • post repair/installation

Our driveway gate company in Chatsworth is standing by to make your wrought iron fence a reality.

Driveway Gate Opener

Not everyone can repair, replace, supply and install a driveway gate opener like our driveway gate contractor in Chatsworth.  The troubleshooting skills our installation contractor has makes it possible for us to take care of your gate opener remote, sensors, photo eye, and safety loop.  You can get the best gate opener from one of these great brands:

  • Ramset
  • FAAC
  • All O Matic
  • Multi-Code
  • Linear
  • Reno
  • Eagle
  • Elite
  • DoorKing
  • GTO Pro
  • Viking

Our experienced contractors are ideal for gate services. We are trained and well-equipped and promise immediate emergency services and same day maintenance. We replace and repair driveway gates and are experts in intercom systems.

Sliding Gate Chain Repair

Automatic sliding gates require a metal chain for their operation. It goes around a moving gear inside the motor unit of the opener and extends to a drive box installed onto the panel of the gate. Inside the drive box, it goes around a large sprocket. It is driven by the motor to move the sliding panel back and forth. There is a need for sliding gate chain repair when the component is malfunctioning, damaged or broken. In case of noisy chain, the solution can involve solely lubrication with appropriate material. Some types of damage such as rust can be fixed. When the chain is severely damaged or broken, it is replaced with a new component of the same design and size. The new component is lubricated and the opener settings are changed, if required. When the chain is malfunctioning due to issues with the moving gear or sprocket, the problematic component is fixed or replaced.

As well-trained professionals and experts in overhead gate opener repair, we deal with related problems efficiently. Our response is immediate when overhead gate openers fail to work properly or the safety of our customers is compromised. We are devoted technicians and give priority to reverse mechanism problems, which might create unsafe environments. Opener trouble will also cause inconvenience and this is one more reason why our team is fast. We have experience with all brands manufacturing overhead gate openers and know how to troubleshoot these systems thoroughly. If opener components need adjustments or replacement, you can be sure that our technicians will take care of them right away.


Residential Gate Motor Repair & Replacement Services

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