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There is no better way to tell how good a gate company is than learning what customers think about it. This page gives you the opportunity to check out the opinion of our clients. Read their testimonials to find out more about the work of our specialists and the solutions that we provide.

Professional Gate Repair & Installation

Quick service replacing a breaker switch

“My husband asked me to send a note about how pleased we are with the service and professionalism of Gate Repair Chatsworth. When our main gate just stopped working last Saturday and my husband could not find the problem, he called them to send out a repair technician. When the serviceman found a problem with the breaker, not only did he fix it quickly but he also spent a lot of time showing us some useful tricks about how to keep the gate working smoothly and efficiently. We were both extremely impressed with the extra time he spent with us. We will definitely call them again if we have any other problem with our main gate.”

Photo eye problem fixed immediately

“Last week when we had a third bedroom added to our house, they had to disconnect our swinging gates to get the bulldozer in. When they finished, they said they put the gates back in working order but they did not, so my husband called Gate Repair Chatsworth. True to their reputation, a service tech came out and immediately spotted a problem with a misaligned photo eye. He fixed it in just a few minutes and the contractors are paying to fix the problem. I could not ask for better service from the company. They really have experts who know what they are doing and I would not call anybody else!”

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