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Is it wise to get an intercom system? What gate must I get? Do I do gate repair properly? We have all the answers for you. Learn more about new technologies, the speed with which gates move and how to maintain them properly.

Are there new technologies when it comes to gate operations?

There are new technologies in gate operations now. Most of the new technologies are geared in providing better security to you and your property. According to experts at Gate Repair Chatsworth, one of the new technologies now in gates is the radio control transmitter. This transmitter is connected to a keypad control system and is programmed with the owner having sole access. This provides additional security on your property.

What simple maintenance can I do to my gate?

Gates like any other fixture should also be taken care of. The service life of anything wholly depends on how it is being used and maintained. You can do regular check-ups to ensure good and efficient operation. Regular oiling of hinges, rollers screws and other parts will greatly help prevent these parts from getting rusty. You can also regularly check on power supply, connections and batteries to ensure adequate power flow.

How quickly does a gate open?

The speed with which a system opens depends on its size and weight and on the power of the motor which operates it. Most advanced modern systems take around 30 to 40 seconds to open with some being as quick as 10 seconds.

Should I put a sign stating the existence of an electric gate?

It's always helpful. Sometimes, such signs can save you from legal trouble. It's good to warn people that your gate has an electric opener. This way, accidents can be prevented since signs warn people that the gate opens and closes automatically.

What are vertical pivot lift gates?

Vertical pivot lift gates are less commonly used and they are named in such a way because they move upward in a 90 degree angle in a vertical direction. They take up no space before or behind the gate while opening. They can be fixed onto any surface as well.

Why do you need safety devices installed?

You sure do not want potential thieves and burglars gaining entry to your property just like that. For this, you may want to look into the available safety devices, including vehicle loops, telephone entry, keypad, and clickers, to go with your electric gate.

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