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Electronic Perimeter Gates - How to Troubleshoot Them

10/28/2013 Back To Blog

A gate, regardless of its design or the type of material used, generally serves one main purpose - to secure the home or property and keep out intruders (as well as to maintain privacy). If it is opened or closed through the use of a remote control, and it closes at the wrong time, or causes injury to anyone, then it could already be malfunctioning. Here are a number of helpful hints on how to perform electric gate repair and troubleshooting.

Check Sensors for Obstructions

The first automatic gate repair step would be to check the sensors for any obstructions, which could prevent them from operating properly. Check to see if the remote system’s batteries are still okay, as well as find out if there are any short-circuiting and other wiring issues.

Check The Gate’s Manual Bypass Valve

Most electronic gate remote programs or systems today often have a bypass valve in their hydraulic system, which generally keep them from closing when it’s activated. Try turning the bypass valve off, to see if the electronic gate resumes working properly again.

Inspect For Leaks and Loose Parts

Another security gate repair technique would be to closely inspect for leaks in its hydraulic system. Make sure you check the system for possible loose fittings and parts, as well as make sure that the system has the adequate amount of oil and lubricants. For further details, read and analyze the manufacturer’s operating manual.

If your home’s electric gate remote program is still cranking up or malfunctioning, then it would perhaps be high-time to consult a good technician to carefully check things out. When the technician is already in your home, do not stand in the path of the moving electronic gate, or else you could get hit or struck by it. You can always consult the technicians at Gate Repair Chatsworth for more help.

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